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Friday, April 15, 2011

"stcuk in' the middle with me

I have basically banished myself to my room with my books to study for two exams which I'd like to feel prepared for. I experience pain in the right shoulder when I do this, push myself too hard and then end up being less effective.

So, today was not a great one, but after reading the writing of some others just now I found much support. Today I really struggled with my course material, at the same time being aware that I am the cause of this struggle through backchat, also going through the "growing pains" of pushing myself through the process of learning new information. It feels so bad to push though, especially when it goes on for days. But I'm going to enjoy every painful moment of this.

Thank you Matti and Martijn, this would have been a very different experience which I may have resigned to in defeat, had it not been for your support through your sharing.

Now, instead of defeat, I am ready to get "stuck in" my process anew!

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