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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Matter of the Portal

                I want to discuss my personal experience with/reaction to the existence of the portal. Personally, I had no reaction to it within myself. I watched the Youtube videos and heard the message, and nothing within me moved about either a belief or disbelief in the portal. My reaction involved more of a fear of what others would think of me because I accepted this fact, how I might be discredited because of this fact, and how the message of Desteni might not be heard because of others disbelief in this fact.
                The fact is: Sunnette can leave her body and the resonances of anything in existence can enter it and speak. So for me, coming from a family and a life experience absent of any real spirituality, wherein no particular set of beliefs were imposed upon me, I was able to keep an open mind about such a reality. And thankfully so, because otherwise I would have not been able to accept my personal responsibility for what is going on in the world, and I would still be existing in my own little world feeling like there’s nothing I can do.
                The Desteni message is nothing new. It is a message of equality and oneness with all that is here. The difference with the Desteni group is that we are actually acting on our responsibility for what is here, we are standing up and taking steps (by using the tools) to actually change the way things are, because it is very obvious that this is necessary. I’m sure there are some in this world who are wealthy enough, or who are in positions of such power that if the entire system were to collapse they would in fact be fine. But the truth is that the majority of people live within and depend upon the continuation of this abusive system for their survival, and billions of people who depend upon this system are not even receiving this bare minimum level of support, i.e., they are starving to death while the system feeds the wealthy. So what we are saying is that the system needs to change to one which supports all life, simply because all life is in fact one, and simply because a change in the system is not outside the realm of possibility, so why not go for it? Why not do everything possible to make this change a reality? The answer is that there is no good enough reason not to. Scepticism and doubt are self-fulfilling prophecies, and a belief in some other way such as charity, religion, spirituality or NGO’s (among many others) has already proven ineffective, so we are going for it in a way that has never been done before using resources which have never been available before. We are addressing the core issue: the economic system itself, and we are using social media and self-movement to make this happen, and it’s already on its way.
What are we doing? :
                -We are in school, learning about the current system, educating ourselves to be able to function within the current system. We are studying economics, politics, law, psychology and more to empower ourselves to be the future leaders, because our current leaders have let us down and no one else is stepping up to the plate.
-We are stopping within ourselves, meaning: we are stopping ourselves from being directed by our minds of thoughts (beliefs, doubts, scepticism, etc...), feelings (the endless pursuit of personal happiness, delusions of grandeur, love and light, feeling special/putting self above others,  etc...), and emotions (fear, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, etc...), to discover who we are beyond these things.
-We are realizing what we as individuals are capable of achieving if we put aside our egos and work as a group with one voice, a group guided by the same principle of doing what’s best for all. We are stabilizing ourselves financially, by using whatever resources are available to us in our own worlds, and by using the life-coaching product taught at Desteni, which we will sell (anybody can) to support ourselves and others to become part of the rich elite, simply because that is what we need to do to be in the position of power we require to be in to realize a change in the system.
-We are networking to create a strong cohesive global group, which we already are. We will continue to network and gain size and numbers as we become loud and powerful enough to make the change. This is already happening; the majority of people want change. We have no security in this world when our lives depend on a system that has only proven that it does not care and will rob from us, steal our dignity, cheat us, lie to us, abuse us, take what little we have and then turn around and ask us for our continued support in the form of votes and taxes, acceptance and allowance. Our whole system is based on an agreement which has turned most people in to slaves, either by slave labour, slaves to working to provide the bare minimum requirements of life-support in the form of food, shelter and medicine when required, slaves to our debt, slaves to our bills etc... We are going to change this agreement to one that supports us all equally, but first we must realize we are not slaves.
-We are publishing our personal experiences with the Desteni tools (the life-coaching product) i.e., our processes of personal realization, to demonstrate its benefits and effects, in order for others to recognize their own responsibility and their own power to change themselves and thus change the world (search using networked blogs on facebook using the words ‘Desteni,’ ‘process’ and ‘Equal Money’ to see what I’m talking about).
-We are publishing our research on the Equal Money System so that others may see that it is possible, and how it would benefit life on earth and stop the madness we currently live within and as (again, Google or Youtube ‘Equal Money’ to get pages of research and explanations, there’s also Equalmoney.org with information and forums to ask questions, share research and make suggestions, and a book which will be available soon).
-We are publishing our research of the current system, revealing its madness, exposing the greed and lust for power that runs it, and exposing the absolute disregard for life we as humanity accept by accepting and even defending the current system (EqualMoney101 channel). This is so that people can see that reality as we know it, is not cool. Despite the media, mainstream news (or the lack thereof), and Hollywood telling us this is all very normal and acceptable, and acting like everything in existence is known and understood by humanity, it is not.
-We publish current news stories of people going mad in the world, because the world is going mad in a system that turns the earth (which provides for us unconditionally) into a living hell for most (demonology101, DemonsDaily channel and chat forum).
-We publish the rationale behind our argument to stop the separation of Mankind through religion. Not for the end of religion, but for the end of people acting out on human nature in the name of religion, causing inequality and hierarchy, abuse, hate, ignorance, and intolerance, and calling it religion (Facebook page: ‘Stop All Religions and Live Equal’).
-We are organized and taking steps towards a long-term political solution by doing these things, and in the mean-time creating a political platform and training future leaders to take on this massive responsibility for the good of all, so that we no longer live under leaders who abuse us and take away our dignity.
It’s hard for me to focus on one aspect of Desteni, such as the portal, and not to explain everything we are doing because this is not some divided or even dividable phenomenon, but I do want to share my personal experience with the existence of the portal so that others may also accept it, get past it and move on to become a part of the solution as well.
                Years ago, before I discovered Desteni, someone asked me if I believed in God. I said no, so he called me an Atheist. But I told him this wasn’t so, and that I accepted the possibility of something else, some greater power or alternate dimension, but that I had no understanding of it. This was my truth, I accepted that there may be something more, but because I couldn’t understand it and I felt I never would, I just lived my life with the end goal of providing myself a comfortable existence, hoping to be happy and enjoy my time on earth.
                So Desteni presented the information that there is indeed ‘something more,’ and that we could communicate with that ‘something more’ through this young lady in a direct and consistent manner, and that the message coming from the ‘other side’ is that humanity is fucked, people are suffering, animals are being abused, nature is being devastated and nothing is coming to save us. It is our responsibility to change the reality we all share because we created it. This made sense to me, and it was like I already knew that, I just didn’t think it was possible.
                So, the fact that there is something more I could accept, now the portal: the idea of a link between the living and another dimension is something I also discovered that I was accepting of. I had been to a psychic twice in my life, both times I left more confused than I had entered, and I was left with the impression that these people just took my money for nothing. But the fact that I went indicates to me that within me there was an acceptance that maybe, possibly, a human being could connect to whatever is out there. My mom had been to a medium who told her many true things about her deceased mother, and many of my friends and other family had been to similar things. Just for the fun of it maybe, but does this not indicate at some level, the acceptance of an inkling of possibility? I did not believe the psychics I saw personally, but I did not give up on the fact that maybe somewhere out there, there existed someone who could do this.
                Now I’ll give some arguments to demonstrate how compared to our accepted reality, the idea of the portal is really not all that ‘out there,’ and how the notion of ‘something more’ and a communication with it is already here. These are the things I considered:
1)      ‘In God We Trust’ is printed on American money, indicating that enough people believe in a higher power they call god. In this respect the portal makes more sense because the message coming from the portal is about taking responsibility for the mess we’re in, whereas the belief in an all-powerful god tells us to abdicate that responsibility to him, even though the situation on earth is only getting worse, and He has not proven to be anything but angry and vengeful. Why has he allowed money to decide who lives and dies in this world? Why has he accepted the destruction of nature, and the horrible abuse of animals for profit, or the suffering of most for the benefit of the few? Reality looks more like the work of the human than the work of some higher power.

2)      Religions proliferate. Enough said. People believe some crazy stories about someone coming to save us in an instant, or of an afterlife that will be better than reality. The thing is, reality is not that bad as long as you have money, and there’s enough resources for all to have enough. So it just makes sense that it’s not a god, but rather Human greed that has caused the suffering and inequality. So if you’re going to believe in a message from another dimension, why not believe the one that tells it like it is, and that offers a solution and provides all the steps to get there? The message that is coming through the portal is that by this definition, We are in fact all God, in that We are the creators of what’s here, We caused it, We are responsible for it, and We have the power to change it. How much longer are we going to wait to be saved by a god outside ourselves? We judge ourselves and need no greater being to judge us and decide if we are worthy, because we already know what it takes to be worthy: honour life, do not abuse others, love your neighbour, respect what’s here etc... divine intelligence is not required to tell us whether or not what we are doing qualifies us to be ‘saved.’ We each individually know what we are doing, and we each individually need save ourselves as a whole, to do what’s best for all. What I am saying here is what I have learned through studying Desteni, and what I am saying will make sense to anyone who has the capacity to remain open-minded and use common sense, because equality is common sense and we only need reasons, justifications and excuses for inequality to exist.

3)      Psychics and mediums support themselves through enough people believing in the possibility of communication with the other side: I have lived in three very different cities in two different countries and two different states, and in each city there have been fortune tellers and palm readers with successful shops in the city centers. So I’m left with the impression that people believe this is possible, and I wouldn’t fear being called crazy if I said I visited a psychic, so why should I fear my actions being discredited for hearing what the dimensional existence has to say through Sunnette? The answer is that I shouldn’t. The more important answer is that the only person who can discredit me is myself, through the belief that I need others to accept what I am doing as some form of validation or approval. The truth is that I accept and validate myself, and that means I can stand for equality and for life no matter what others chose to believe about me or the portal.
So I guess in a way this is like my ‘coming out’ where I state here, loud and clear, that Desteni is the real deal. I ‘came to terms’ with revealing to the world what I stand for when I started posting Desteni videos, and then I was able to post videos of the portal. Yes, there existed in me a fear of judgment in terms of ‘what will my friends and family think of me now,’ but I have gotten over that. Is it insane to believe that the existence of the portal is possible, or is it insane to declare that one knows as an absolute certainty that it is not possible? The latter implies a knowledge of all that is here, and an understanding of all that is possible, which I am in no position to claim. Just look at all the mysteries of the world, look at quantum physics where at a sub-atomic level, particles break all the rules of physics which dictate our larger reality. Science is discovering that we know less and less than what we thought we understood about reality. Look at astronomy, where astronomers are discovering new phenomena every decade. We know very little about the universe we live in, but there is one thing that we can state with absolute certainty, and that is that suffering and abuse caused by man-made systems such as the economic, religious, political and educational systems is not necessary and therefore the suffering and abuse caused by these systems needs to come to an end by changing these systems.
Those who have the power to change these systems are those who created them: the human, and this includes everybody. I don’t think the humans that are busy starving to death, or the ones being oppressed or surviving on 2$ a day are going to need that much convincing that we need a system to support them. The ones that need to make this decision are the elite in the world. And I don’t mean the super-rich or the secret societies or the government, I mean regular people like you and me. We have the greater numbers, we vote for and support the leaders, we are the foundations of the system, and we have the power to change it. I’m not talking about revolution or protests- these things don’t work and are usually illegal. I’m talking about working by the rules of the system from within the system. This means politics. We need to become politicians and lawyers: creators of law, economists: controlling the flow of money, teachers/psychologist: training a new generation of human that considers others, that honours all life, and that has dignity and is guided by principle over personal satisfaction. And we at Desteni are becoming these things. And we are unstoppable because with the Desteni tools we complete ourselves, we are doing everything according to existing law, we are step by step doing what’s necessary to be done over years, not over night. We are waiting patiently for others to realize and recognize themselves in us, and we will support each and every person who wants to be a part of this, to become a complete whole within themselves and join us as we create a world which provides for the whole of which we are parts. This is like Arthur Koestler’s Janus ‘holarchy’; the Janus Principle, where “self-regulating entities which manifest both the independent properties of wholes and the dependant properties of parts” are required to coexist, much like organs functioning in a body (pg. 34, 1978, Random House Inc.:NY, cool shit).
So here I stand, Kimberly Kline (nee Doubt), as one vote for world equality, yes, just one vote, one me. But through self-forgiveness and self-corrective application I am gently pushing this ‘one me’ to become the most powerful and unstoppable me I can possibly be. I am the one piece of the whole that I have control over, so I am going to be the directive of that one piece, and join other pieces until we are the driven and larger part of the whole.
So for more information on the portal, who she is and how this all came to be, the information is disclosed unconditionally, free for all to see on Youtube under the video series called “The Portal History (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFuJmcRtqVA),” by DesteniProductions. Also, check out “The History of Desteni” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbW_y0JG4XE) to learn about how Desteni came to be, and also “The History of Mankind” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ym3fWwLG1g) which is a series of over a hundred videos explaining who we are and how we got here. Investigate it for yourself, do your own research because no one is going to do it for you, empower yourself and walk with us as equals. All are welcome to join.


  1. Wow, awesome perspective on the Portal, Kim. Place this on the forum as well!

  2. cool I Kim thanks for sharing your perspectives